Amanda Jackson

TRAILBLAZER – Amanda Jackson, owner of She's International in Charlotte, NC  the creator of 45 BraidLess Hair Weaving Methods that are used in salons today.  We have to honor her for adding to the Beauty Industry.  She is a pioneer, innovator, veteran stylist, and entrepreneur. 



She continues to influence generations to come with not only her Hair Weaving prowess but also her Custom Wig innovations.


She has mentored, trained and opened the door for many in our industry.

She is still training hairstylist today.


Here are a few of the original Hair Weaving Methods created by Amanda Jackson. 

 BraidLess Methods are the :




Plank Weave

Sure Stitching

Micro Webbing

Electro Wiring

Invisible Weaving

Butterfly Weaving 

to name a few.....

A lot of techniques you see today are not new. They just have been duplicated.


She has a big heart and opens her doors to any hairstylist who wants to grow. She carries the blueprints to help you become successful.

Attend one of her workshops or book a one on one. Her methods are designed for any texture of hair. I am sure there is one or two designed for you.


Let Amanda Jackson help you save time and advance yourself with her Hair Extension Creations.


As she paves the way for you, I and others, remember you are also paving the way for someone to follow. Contact her by email or visit her website. AJSHEIS@GMAIL.COM,

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