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The most natural hair  system available today
Only 100% individual strands of human hair are used, so the look will be full-bodied, healthy, and richly textured so that it will match your natural texture and color

    •    Hair systems are easy to apply
    •    Easy to remove without    damaging existing shafts
    •    Each system comes with advanced  technology
    •    Largest selection of colors
    •    Best supply of tangle free human hair
    • Long Lasting/ maintenance required  

Removal is quick and painless, using our exclusive removal solution which break down the bonds without damage .  


Developed to be also used as part of our Combination Laser hair loss program to restore your natural hair. We work in part with your dermatologist and or doctor.

dermatology |ˌdərməˈtäləjē|
the branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of skin  and scalp disorders.

We have supplemental hair solution for all forms of hair loss


• Androgenetic  Alopecia: Also called female pattern baldness.

•Telogen Effluvium: Hair loss caused when  your body goes through something traumatic, like extreme stress, major   

                                surgery or childbirth.

• Alopecia Areata: Usually starts with one or more round bald patches and is caused by    an autoimmune condition 

                             where a person’s blood cells attack one’s hair follicles.

• Alopecia Totalis: A form of alopecia Areata with total loss of scalp hair.

• Alopecia Universalis: A form of Alopecia  Areata with total loss of hair on scalp and body.

• Diffused Alopecia Areata: Another variation of Alopecia Areata where the scalp hair thins slowly over the entire 


                                                           HAIR REPLACEMENT

                                    ALL SERVICES ARE DONE IN PRIVATE ROOMS

Insurance Claims

Please Note:  We Do Not bill your insurance company.  In most cases, this must be done in a form of a request for reimbursement of payment by you.

Cranial Prosthesis ( Program)

 This program is for potential clients that are suffering from hair loss due to medically proven Alopecia, Trichotillomania, Lupus and Cancer. A Cranial prosthesis is medical jargon for hair replacement pieces and wigs that can be purchased with the use of health insurance. Most hair replacement pieces are made with specialized material that is sensitive to the individuals need. The fit is adjustable to each person's head size, custom cut and styled.  Most medical insurance could provide 80%-100% of  covered expenses but does not pay for maintenance fees.

The requirements for this program are:

1) Check Health Insurance Benefits
2) Request physician prescription for "Cranial Prosthesis"
3) Send letter to notify Health Insurance about the need for alternative hair.
4) Send " Cranial Prosthesis" sales receipt or invoice to health insurance

It may help to have the doctor write a prescription "for the mental well-being of the patient" on the prescription. Ask your doctor for the ICD-9 code (also referred to generally as the diagnosis code)

The above steps are for your reference. We wish you luck in obtaining insurance coverage for your unit/ hair replacement/ cranial prosthesis.

Contact: Amanda Jackson for a in salon consultation.

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