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 Our Custom Made Wigs

         All Wigs Are Machine Made 

Location of Charlotte, NC and native of Newark, New Jersey. So many women  travel to come in  for Amanda's Custom Made Wigs and Weaves along with her signature Hair Cutting methods.

These are no ordinary wigs, all of the wigs are custom designed by Amanda Jackson, as a stylist and wig designers create for all, Women, Men and children. 

In  the  20 plus years career  Amanda has established herself as a Master Stylist and  Wig designer. She has worked with Supermodels and Music Artists.  “The Local Housewives of North Carolina” all are huge fans.


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No Glue

No Tape

No Clips

No Combs

No Elastic

No Stitching

No Beads

No Links

Our Wigs can be worn with 

Wig Cleaning Instructions



 Here are the Step 


Place wig on a Styrofoam head

Pin wig down

Spray with water 

Detangle with brush

Apply Shampoo

Brush shampoo through  (do this step 2 times)

 Rinse and remove shampoo

Apply Conditioner (let set for 15-20 minuets )

Rinse and apply Leave in Conditioner

Add styling Foam if needed

Let air dry, Blow Dry or Place under a dryer